At the Gym

     Harelip used to clean the change rooms at Rick’s Gym. He also offered hand jobs on the side for extra money. Around the gym, he became known as CJ - Clean and Jerk. Fever had heard of his antics before, and knew the guy by sight, but had never talked to him. Probably because he always preferred evening workouts and Harelip usually worked the morning, to catch the guys who came in after working the night shift.

     Fever remembered when I first met him. He was sitting in the front seat of his Chevy Impala, tears rolling down his face and a pistol shoved in his mouth. The tape deck had just mangled the cassette of Poison’s Open Up and Say … Ahh right in the middle of “Every Rose has its Thorn.” Brown ribbon oozed out of the slot amid a sick whirring sound. That summed up his life right there. Fever was about to pull the trigger but was stopped by a knock on the driver’s side window. Standing there was a guy he had seen around the gym. He motioned to him to roll down the window, which he did.

     “How much can you bench press?” he said.

     That pulled Fever back. They both went into the gym for a shower and the best hand job Fever had in his life. He collapsed onto the floor of the shower stall, hyperventilating, as he felt the pressure rise in his cock. Harelip thought he was having a fit, but he followed Fever to the floor, never missing a stroke.

     “ I want to fuck your stump.” Harelip whispered in his ear.

    Those were the last words Fever heard before blacking out. He felt the same feeling he did when he saw God years earlier. Alive.