Sex, drugs, violence and madness! Steve Fever decides to run across Canada again for charity, but this time, on his own terms. He is supported by his pals Harelip Jones and Smiles, as well as the violent firm, the Suicide Club, who help him fight off occult forces and gangs from competing charities while conducting orgies, murders, magickal attacks and mass suicides all along the highway. And when the original superfan, Igor Nelson, introduces a new crop of mushrooms to the scene, the dimensions open up and consensus reality begins to collapse.

Insane violence! Sexual drug abuse! Hallucinatory sex! Violent mushroom madness!


Starting Line (excerpt from Chapter 1)

Kicking Back at the Taco de Setas (excerpt from Chapter 2)

At the Gym

Bus Trip

Little Igor's Dream

Timmy’s Christmas Telethon

Trip Down Memory Lane


Who is Little Igor Nelson?