I Am that I Am. And you can be as well. So do not despair, my fragile emotional cripples. I know you are too weak to pull yourselves out of that cesspool you call your life. But I am here, Beautiful and Eager. I have created the Orpah Bookclub to allow my psychically disfigured followers to empower themselves, to allow them to look at themselves in the mirror each morning without collapsing in disgust. With the Orpah Bookclub, I have gathered together selected books from my collection to share with you. Each book here has touched me in some way and has enabled me to grow into the great person that I Am. Stop the downward spiral and choose to be the You that you want to be.

- With Love, The Big O


Featured Selection
Parasite Volume One: Parasite Lost by D.M. Mitchell
This is a very interesting biography from Mr. Mitchell. As someone who is active in all media, I am very well acquainted with the blending of fictional narratives (from TV, movies, etc.) with my every day reality. I am not a proponent of consensual reality. I donít give consent for people to come into my reality; thatís a privilege they need to pay for.

Lastly, I know that lonely life of a parasite. The parasite has a fundamental need to seek acceptance and fulfillment from the Other. That is why I encourage my followers to take guidance from me. Without my spiritual life blood, they are just part of the pathetic herd.

Full title: Parasite Volume One: Parasite Lost by D.M. Mitchell

Previous Selections
My daddy always said that hard work never hurt anybody. Here, Fleming shows us that good old Protestant work ethic that built this country and made it what it is today. We could all take inspiration from him and follow his lead.

Full title: Reid Fleming Worldís Toughest Milkman Vol. 1 by David Boswell

I can honestly say that this book is a meta-biography of me. Oddly, I read Symphony back in 2002, years before it was actually published. The narrative of this hologrammatic text reaches forwards and backwards in time, encompassing the magickal universe as well as that small private space generated through initiation. I could have described my own shamanic experiences better, but not every one can be me.
Iíve been writing poetry since my early teens. Keeping a poetry journal is an important part of my program of spiritual fulfillment. I always keep a notepad near me for when I catch the muse and must transcribe these deep sensations onto the page. I still surprise myself with how transcendental my writing can be. And, before I forget, Zukofsky has a couple of good lines as well.
Four gentlemen. Four paths. The same destination. The same end. For me, this was the feel good book of the year. The perfect book for Fatherís Day.
This book mirrors my own search for the perfect low-fat blueberry hemp scone. It captures that drive, the people I meet and the places I go when I go on that journey. This book literally details my daily pre-breakfast experience. I just need to get one of those Mugwumps so I can have some really good Kombucha tea.
You have to know what you want in life and go for it. Just like Teddy and Terry in the book, you need a reason to wake up each day and keep going. Truly inspirational.
Believe me when I say this Ė I have been contacted by higher intelligences who have guided me on my spiritual path. But, reading this book really made me want to see the movie. The movie of my Life, that is.
I fully agree that we need ranking system to gage where we stand on our journey to enlightenment. Plus, it distinguishes us more advanced personalities from those yet to evolve spiritually. Iím not saying that any one person is better than any other. That would be elitist and wrong. However, as someone who perpetually functions in the Eighth Circuit, Iím just saying.
When I first read this book, I was filled with anger and dismay. It was I who developed the idea that every act is an Initiation, and every Initiation is a universe. Yet, here Mr. Schroeder has used this notion as a title for his book of poems, poems which perfectly invoke the magical universe. I forgive Mr. Schroeder for his transgression and trespass into my territory and he is the better person for it.

Full title: Every Act an Initiation, Every Initiation a Universe by Gerald Schroeder

A quick wonderful read. Everything I know about tennis, I learned from this book. As an aside, my friend, James van Cretin, told me that the "jest" or joke is that someone would actually read the whole book. But James is also a psychically stunted individual.
High school is such a wonderful time. Itís where we start our journey towards self-realization. Reading this book made me look back at that time with fondness.
Stewart Home has written the ultimate travel guide to London. The fictional tour guide is a wonderful young skinhead gentleman who opens up English society to the new traveler. Once you determine that each dead body is actually a reference to specific tourist attractions, the whole ďDo-it-yourself walking tour of LondonĒ aspect of the book falls into place. Toot, toot, and cheerio!
Iíll be straight with you. Sometimes you just need to let the crazy out. Then sit back and watch the Spectacle.
Iím a big fan of haute occulture, and this book is a classic in that field. It may be difficult for some of you, as the narrative shifts dramatically from chapter to chapter. But persevere; it all comes together in the end.
I truly believe that we all need to spend time in the country to debrief and recharge our life batteries. Some people spend their whole lives away from the city, living that simple life that we all desire. But some of us inhabit that zen space between sophisticated city life and simple country life all the time. Joe Lon Mackey knew how to do this and in the end it really worked out for him. He's really a character that can inspire you.
I love the circus. And songs. And random events in daily life that, with the realization of their interconnectedness, lead to a deeper examination of the soul.
There is nothing like that special bond between friends. But there is nothing like when you can make that generational connection. That is history, my friends, living history.
I am a very deep thinker. However, I do not have a clue what these two are talking about. That said, I am glad that philosophy is finally addressing the desiring machine. I have several in my drawer that I am addicted to, quite frankly, and I am glad that I now have the theoretical arguments to back this up.
I have a positive attitude and I believe this outlook creates my reality. In this book, Lydia explores how to create a positive life/space from which all of you can grow.
Cunt details one man's journey of self-discovery. David is haunted by shadows of negative energy. These attitudes can keep even the strongest of us down, preventing us from moving forward down the road of life. But from the depths comes that single moment of clarity where one's life and one's path appear in full. The way becomes clear. It is a truly inspiring moment when David attains this deeper understanding and transforms himself into a more complete person. Just like I did.
I saw this exhibit at the White Chapel gallery many years ago. I came away believing we could all use some atrocity in our lives and this notion has become part of my spiritual message ever since.
This story will warm the Romanticís heart. Patrick Bateman pursues the women of his desires with the suaveness and determination of a randy Prince Charming. The lesson learned Ė with the right frame of mind, you can get what you want and no one can take that away.
The story follows four men who, after an obviously hard life-journey, have discovered a way to take control of their lives. They gather together a support group in a castle and through intensive group sessions, work through their issues and finally come into touch with their "selves." In the end, they emerge from their hermetic isolation with psychic batteries recharged. But, to quote my friend James van Cretin, "Sometimes 120 days is never enough."
A travelogue of sorts, Guyotat sets the story in an Algerian war zone. Here he details the local characters and their daily struggles, not only to survive but to reaffirm the positive energies of their life choices. The story centers on a boy prostitute, his struggles and his achievements. Through his life journey, he strengthens his resolve not to "sweat the small stuff" because itís "all small stuff." And it really is.

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The Orpah Book Club is the official book club of the Opsonic Index. All titles have influenced the OI in some way and are recommended. Track them down and enjoy. And not to worry, there are many more to come. Currently, books are added irregularly, so keep coming back or visit OI Facebook page for notifications.