Parade of Assholes

Same shit, different pile

The Parade of Assholes was a collection of articles, documents and stories that appeared on the the Opsonic Index website, or printed as chapbooks or pamphlets, from 1996 to 2001. We thought it would be interesting to translate the material from the digital realm to the "real". The booklet was distributed through mailouts, handing it out to friends and collaborators, shop dropping and tossing it onto random bus stops. We wanted the distribution to resemble someone coming across the material on the web; some would come by it through direct contact with us, others by random means. In hindsight, the layout is a bit rough and cluttered. We wanted to maximize the page and fit as much as we could into any available space. There you go.

Many of these pieces would appear later in different forms and different contexts. A lot of our work is one large continuity, looping back onto itself.

The Method

The pdf has been optimized and the front and back covers have not been included within the file. I did this to reduce the file size. The quality is not as sharp as the original, and the front and back are below as .jpgs. But hey, it's still groovy!

Download Parade of Assholes (pdf)

Front and Back covers