Trip Down Memory Lane

     Fever swept the kitchen table with his hand. He leaned back in his chair and looked over to Harelip, who was seated across from him, staring at his can of Black Label. Fever took a long draw from his cigarette and held it deep in his lungs before he slowly blew the smoke over his shoulder.

     “You know, back in the day, chicks were throwing pussy at me nonstop. They would come up and say ‘So, you got a mechanical cock, too?’ and I’d just say “You wanna find out.’ They were mine then, man”

     Harelip chuckled and finished his beer while dropping his other hand to his cock. Fever’s tales from the past always made his dick hard and a good gab session inevitably led to a long jerk off session later in his bedroom.

     “It all started on the run.” He continued. “ The old man would line them up at the end the end of each day. I’d be in the back of the trailer just fucking wasted and he’d bring them in one after another. Young, married, old, whatever, man. Didn’t matter. They were there for me.”

     Harelip got up and grabbed two more beers. He tossed one to Fever and cracked the other, sipping the foam spilling from the top as he sat down. Fever placed the can on the table in front of him.

     “Did I tell you about that old lady the old man brought in one time. I mean really fucking old, like 80, 90 years old. That old. I’m not kidding, man. I was on the flats outside of Regina and he brings in the old lady. The old man said she was some widow that nobody gave a shit about. She had been following my run and wanted to meet me. Well, she comes in and right away pulls off my shorts and sucks my cock with the expertise of a whore. Man, I nearly shoot my load when she gets up and strips. Her body just hung off her bones, like some saggy, wrinkled clothes. But don’t get me wrong, I was fucking into it. She hopped on the bed, grabbed some lube and told me to fuck the shit out of her.

     “So I hop on and pound that pussy out.  She’s screaming and cooing and scratching my back and I just leave that space. I’m just out there, in the zone. Right when I’m about to cum, I snap back to reality.  I pull my dick out and shoot my load over her pussy, her stomach and her tits. It was like I was holding a fire hose, man. My balls ached, my body ached, but I felt refreshed. Then, get this, I look down and she’s not moving. Did she fall asleep? What the fuck? So I checked her out and the old crow is fucking dead. I fucked her to death. Can you fucking believe that?”

     “That’s pretty fucked up.” Harelip said. “So what did you do?”

     “I think the old man dumped her body in a ditch. I hope he buried her at least. I don’t know. I’ve thought about her, you know. I think she wanted to feel something. To touch God, you know. That’s what I tell myself. At the time, I didn’t give a fuck. I was just moving forward, man. No stopping”