Meanwhile, back at the farm

by Michael Roth

<<Still going to kill’em, eh John?>> Uncle Charlie said, spitting at the fence post – <<Yep.>> – <<No matter he saved your boy?>> Charlie gestured to the pig, brown hairy skin covered in mud and shit – <<Nope.>> – <<Well, uhhh …>> Charlie spat on the fence again – <<See it don’t matter in the end.>> John said, scratching his cheek <<It’s just a dirty, stupid animal. It’s just food.>> – <<Guess so.>> – around the corner of the barn sat young Bobbie, burning ants with a magnifying glass – he noticed his dad and Uncle Charlie over by the pen – he watched as they spoke – listening  – hoping they were not going to kill ol’ Bessie – he loved that pig – loved to rub it’s rough back and rump – the sharp short hair, the grunting, the smell of shit – he found it all so exciting – besides he owed the beast since it saved his life – one day hanging over the fence – balancing on the wire with his stomach – fingering Bessie’s asshole – wet with shit – the other animals in the pen spooked when the pig let out a deep grunt and stampeded – Bobbie fell into the mud where he would have been trampled by the beasts if not for Bessie who dragged him to safety – Bobbie’s thoughts were interrupted by a shotgun blast that echoed through the farm – Grandpa staggered down the steps of the porch from the house into the yard – shotgun waving in his right hand – a near empty bottle of Jack Daniels in the left – <<No way!>> Grandpa yelled – the gun went off again – blowing apart a chicken walking by the barn – Charlie and John ran into the barn for cover – Bobbie, eyes wide, pulled out his cock and began to masturbate – <<No way you gonna kill my Bessie!>> – he fired the gun – meat and blood exploded from the back of a sheep – <<What the hell you doing, Pa!>> John shouted <<Now put that gun down before someone gets hurt!>> – another shot made a hole in the side of the barn – <<Bessie’s my piece of ass! You can’t take that away from me!>> – <<He’s finally lost it.>> Charlie whispered <<I think we got to kill him before he kills us.>> – <<We can’t just kill Pa.>> – <<Why not?>> – they waited, stomachs to the ground, listening for the old man’s footsteps – meanwhile over at the outhouse, Jimmy was rubbing shit over his erect cock – he didn’t hear any of the gunshots – too absorbed in himself – sniffing his fingers – eyes rolling back into his head – back in the yard, Mama had walked out onto the porch to investigate the ruckus – she saw Grandpa writhing in the dirt, crying, hugging a bottle of liquor – the shotgun on the ground a short distance away – she strode down the stairs into the yard – <<What in heaven’s blazes is going on out here?>> she shouted, surveying the area – John and Charlie peered out through the barn door before crawling out into the open – Mama caught sight of Bobbie masturbating at the side of the building – her face red with anger – she strode over to the boy and picked him up by the ear – <<Look at the bad example you’re setting for poor Bobbie!>> she hissed, shaking her head with disgust as she dragged the boy across the yard into the house – Charlie and John walked casually over to Grandpa, who continued to writhe and foam at the mouth – <<What we gonna do, Charlie?>> – <<We do what we do with any mad dog, John.>> – Mama dragged the screaming boy into her sewing room bumping into Tammy-Jo who was outfitted only in cowboy boots, black leather riding chaps and vest – she was whipping cousin Bill who was hanging naked from the ceiling, bound and gagged – <<My word, how many times have I told you two not to play in my fixin’ room. Now get out ‘cause I got some fixin’ to do!>> – <<But Ma, we’re just getting to the good part.>> – <<None of that, child, now out!>> – Tammy-Jo cut Bill down while Momma tied Bobbie to the chair – Bill got on all fours and his cousin mounted his back – <<Giddy up!>> she yelped and he crawled out of the room – Momma began to hit her son’s erect penis with a hair brush – <<Devil’s work!>> – Bobbie grunted, eyes bulging – Momma hit faster and faster until the boy ejaculated – <<Out! Out! Out! Now Momma’s gonna show you God’s work.>> – she lifted her dress and sat on Bobbie’s still erect penis – <<Adam begat Seth and Seth begat Enos and Enos begat Cainan …>> – she moved her hips slowly, thrusting with each name spoken – <<… and Cainan begat Mahalaleel and Mahalaleel begat Jared …>> – Bill crawled into the room with TJ still on his back – <<Sorry Momma, didn’t know you was still busy.>> – Momma did not hear her – <<… and Jared begat Enoch …>> – TJ stood up, shrugging her shoulders, ordered Bill into the corner – she tied the whip around his neck and sat onto his face, smothering him  – out in the yard, Grandpa was kneeling behind Bessie, fucking her, rubbing his hands over the coarse skin – John and Charlie looked on, pants down, hands stroking their cocks – <<Look son, you can’t knock it until you try it.>> – the pig grunted and squealed, rolling it’s eyes, shaking it’s rump in rhythm with the thrusts – Charlie moved behind John and placed his cock along the crack of John’s ass while taking his brother’s cock in his hand – <<You want to give Bessie a go?>> Grandpa said, leaning back slightly on his knees, penis limp – <<I only fuck in my home.>> John replied – the trio stood up and walked the pig into the house – TJ had her mouth around Bill’s cock and Momma continued to gyrate her hips and recite her litany when Grandpa, Charlie, John and the pig entered the room – <<Look’s like every one is keepin’ busy in here!>> John shouted, with a chuckle – Charlie and Grandpa positioned the pig into another corner – John knelt down, greased up his cock and inserted it into Bessie’s ass – Tammy-Jo sat up so that Uncle Charlie could place his cock between her breasts while she stroked Bill’s cock – Grandpa fell to his knees, hugging and kissing the side of Bessie’s head – outside Jim walked into the yard from the outhouse, naked, shit covering hands, stomach and groin – he noticed the dead sheep a short distance away, lying in a pool of blood, back torn open – he approached the animal, reaching deep into it’s body to rip out pieces of meat which he rubbed over his chest and face – as his cock grew hard again Jim collapsed onto the body and wildly fucked the bullet wound, blood and meat spraying his white skin – inside things were coming to a close as Momma screamed <<These are the generations of Adam!>> and stood up – Bobbie, cock limp, was exhausted – Charlie came over Tammy-Jo’s breasts and as she bucked harder on Bill’s face he came over her hand while she moaned loudly in orgasm – John fell back from Bessie, coming over the pig’s rump – Jim appeared in the doorway, body covered in shit, blood and meat <<Hey Ma!>> – <<Look what you done to yourself again!>> Momma scolded <<Just get yourself on the floor!>> – Jim laid down – Momma stood over him and urinated onto his stomach – Grandpa, John, Charlie, Tammy-Jo and Bill stood up and followed Momma’s lead – <<I’m hungry, what we got us to eat?>> John said, shaking out the last drops of piss from his cock –