young specimens have a mild, fruity taste - abused widely to ensure political support and to exclude others - stenches horrible beyond belief - attract members from large areas - there were jingles warning action to pump the secreted waste into the sacs - led to a diminished emphasis on erotic love - some warn of laxative effects in susceptible individuals - (where members may or may not meet each other in person) - while there is little scholarly debate - there is still debate about the significance of heritability estimates - and can take many forms – beatings, lynching, stoning - this pattern clearly has not been observed - internment camps intended specifically for holding members - sperm carrying - migrate towards the head - to rapidly discharge black ink - only later - a number of high-profile kidnappings - every community had members taken - into the mantle cavity – flowing, bloated – designated between the makeshift gallows – enemies of the regime – thread-like tentacles around the mouth – true humans, until recently – ongoing crisis, echo – suspension by a ligature – politically motivated prisons – and impalement – medieval times - almost there -