collapsing the distance between ego tripping and initiation

Part One

discarded by the side of the road

it will happen like it did on Tuesday night

voices from the rooftop, like yesterday

songs from the motorway, and despair

without understanding the

a screen test for pink balloon and others

surrendering to the rogue rabbits of justice

tripping balls in the park on a Sunday afternoon

new july rising

public toilets are for fucking

Part Two

graffiti on the bus get the old ladies going

intense gravity of ghosts in the washroom at work

talking mushrooms in the community garden

excitement caused by a mass shooting, and ice cream

without warning, the emotionally crippled conquered the gods

dissolving your ego in the supermarket lineup

bus driver invokes the dreamtime during the midnight commute

ego dissolution watching the butterflies

in the morning, more reality

collapse of the looped dimensions without a single thought

peaking just before the music disappears

free fall past the moons of Jupiter

exploring beyond the black hole with special k

reluctance of technology to move beyond fixation on task

an obsolete life transformed through the singularity

dying again is typical for this time of year

tourists from Weimar Republic loitering in the 7/11 parking lot

created with discipline, and the death march

a golem, a word generated viral creation,