Book of Leap


Here are some selections from the Book of Leap. It was written over a 617 day period by Jack Parsons, Elron Hoobard, Michael Roth and several other lesser initiates. At 2012 pages, it is an epic transcription of the Void.

From the Introduction:

DB Cooper's brain spilled across the floor. Sticking himself repeatedly in the face with a pen he came to understanding. Finally the horror. The smell of vomit spurs the desire to exorcise the JC virus. Ants crawling across eyeballs. Stuttering voice coughs approval. The speech went on for 45 minutes before people in the audience started to fall out of their chairs and writhe on the ground, dying. The cat sold me cocaine while the stocker broker kept an eye out for the cops. The tips did not pan out. Too many died in their homes. Like midnight in the suburbs, resembles a shotgun blast to the face. Do you understand that you wasted your life? It's been a long time coming. Enjoy your suicide, motherfucker.