Official Church Transmission

Prison Break - Show of Lies

The Legacy of DB Cooper continues its slide into absurdity as corporate interests co-opt his image to look hip and relevant. The latest outrage occurs in the hit TV series, Prison Break, where the Prophet is portrayed as a feeble old man who ends up dying before the inmates escape. Unfortunately, this has created much confusion among the membership. Many have watched this program and now actually believe that the Prophet died during a prison breakout, while lesser characters, including one with serious mental illness, escaped with ease, outrunning cars and helicopters in an open field during the season finale. The second season continued with the escapees working through numerous implausible storylines, the framework of which were set up by Michael before entering prison, and thus demonstrating perfect harmony with the Tao. However, we find the portrayal of DBC's ransom money hidden under the carport of a new sub-division to be particularly offensive, ignoring the deep esoteric implications of His Fall and Redemption.

Of course, insanity and the desire to sell soap continued as the plotline became increasingly absurd, reflecting the multiple political schisms in our rundown society perfectly. We had thought DB Cooper was left to storylines past, but there is a specter haunting the tube. In a recent trailer for future episodes, the ghost of DB Cooper seems to make an appearance. Will he be a feeble old man or the true Fallen Man, Holy Ghost of the Abyss?

We all know DBC transmigrated during the Fall, taking the role of Light Bearer of the New Aeon from Lucifer, who retired to the simulation of Paradise, Whistler BC. The word of Rapture and Aeonruin reverberate today as it did when it was first pronounced.

Attention all members, affiliated Psychonauts and assorted hangers-on, the Corruption of the Image signals the proliferation of similacra, a sign of the Apocalypse. As serious occultists, we find this trend distressing. The Church has embarked on an exploration of the psychogeography of deep reality in order to combat this psychic shift and to reclaim our exoteric sigils from further degradation.


In loving disgust,
The Boss